What are the benefits of the BioHuman treatments compared to other stem cell treatments?

BioHuman uses its own techniques, developed by its professionally trained personnel, to extract pure samples from which is possible to develop contaminant-free treatments, rich in stem cells, free of rejection or infection risks. Our technology does not only provide tens of millions of stem cells than other treatments, also the quality and purity of the treatment is the maximum possible.

Through other treatment types where the samples are not extracted and handled in the same unique way BioHuman does, there is a risk of crossed contamination of illnesses such as cytomegalovirus, hepatitis and other viral infections, besides of the autoimmune response risk, because the patient’s body will fight against any foreign entity that finds its way inside. Treatments with other patient’s or foreign cultures induces the human body to produce cytokines and immunocytokines, which is known as rejection syndrome. We refer you to the following images where you can see for yourself and compare what our competition applies to our unique stem cell treatments:

Cells from our competitors

Competitors (10x): few to no presence of cells, abundant foreign tissues.

Biohuman stem cells

BioHuman (10x): Stem cells clearly defined, absence of any bacteria, clear image.

Our approach to the stem cell treatments is unique, not so invasive, it does not require any type of surgery to extract the sample, and in the vast majority of the cases, it is not required to get any surgery to apply the treatments. You can relax and receive the treatment even in the presence of your family members without any health risks.

Our treatments to difference to our competitors get far better results, because we use only purified cells from extracted from the patient who receives the therapy, which avoids all the problems associated with foreign samples and bad methodology impurities.

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