What are the benefits of the treatment of chronic diseases against conventional treatments?

Our therapies have the potential to revert a disease. The stem cells bond to the surface of the patient’s tissues, reaching them by biochemical signals emitted by the damaged tissues, and once there, they reproduce and repair the damaged tissue by replacing the damaged parts with new cells. The constant repair activity that these potentiated cells offer makes it possible to help in several diseases that occur when there has been a damage to the patient’s tissues, or in the cases where there is a difference in the tissue renewal. The stem cells have the natural function to form diverse tissues and to repair the damaged ones, therefore, when BioHuman concentrates them and give the stem cells their ideal reproduction conditions and they can do it in optimal conditions, the treatment puts the patients renewal and repair functions on overdrive.

Against other conventional therapies, where external agents are introduced, BioHuman prepares a serum where only the patient’s own natural repair staff is applied to correct the disease or illness. While most chronic patients spend money on other types of therapy, the overall expenditure on a treatment that on some cases can induce other complications, could be substituted to the point of cutting a third of the annual expenditure to sustain the expenses of a chronic disease like type 2 diabetes.

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