face, hands and neck

The autologous stem cell transplant is a relatively quick procedure, it does not require surgical procedures or anesthesia, and after a few hours you can go back to your daily activities. The purpose of this treatment is to reestablish the skin smoothness, and to eliminate facial expression wrinkles and skin spots due to age or hormonal causes.

The treatment works by activating the growth factors that occur naturally in the blood, inducing the body to self-repair and renew the skin layers with the production of subdermal collagen. As the days pass, the skin renews itself. You will see the changes on a day-by-day basis. All results are entirely natural, and they do not change the natural face expression. In what circumstances is adequate to have a facial renewal treatment?

  • To remove wrinkles that occur due to facial expression.
  • When the skin has lost its turgidity due to age.
  • To remove skin stains due to age or chemical damages, skin burns or
    recurring spots that are resilient to other treatments.
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