M.D. Aida Aracely Álvarez de Figueroa

DR. AIDA ALVAREZ -webM.D. Aida Aracely Álvarez de Figueroa holds a degree in General Medicine from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and is a graduate in Cytopathology of the National Cancer Institute of Mexico Federal District.

She has provided professional services in the Association for Family Welfare and Cancer Institute, at the Hospital Dr. Bernardo Valle. She has worked as a Proffesor at the General Hospital of Mexico, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, National Institute of Cardiology Ignacio Chavez National Cancer Institute of Mexico, Institute of Respiratory Diseases in Mexico City, Hospital Dr. Bernardo del Valle, University Mariano Gálvez and Rafael Landivar University. She has conducted scientific publications in Mexico and Guatemala. Currently she works as a Medical Pathologist for UNILAB. She is currently one of our Medical Advisors at BioHuman, S.A.

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